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The Board of Directors of Sebastopol World Friends gathered for a day of spirited discussion and laughter at our annual retreat early in June. Board members shared news and stories of their latest doings, delectable items for a lunchtime potluck, and their ideas about the work of SWF and their visions for the future. We discussed the changes that organizations face over time, as the world around them changes, and our most important goals for the coming year. Some of those goals include: a successful fundraising drive in partnership with Project C.U.R.E. on behalf of the hospital in Chyhyryn (our sister city in Ukraine), as well as an adult delegation to Ukraine planned for sometime in 2017. In addition, this coming fall we will be starting another two year exchange cycle with Takeo (our sister city in Japan), and we are also looking toward broadening our Japanese program to include college student delegations. We at SWF are also envisioning bringing delegates from both our sister cities here to Sebastopol to engage in cultural events together.

What inspiring ideas or dreams do you have for sister city programs and events?
Please share them with us in the comments below!