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Sebastopol World Friends Membership Information

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Your membership helps to sustain and grow Sebastopol World Friends for the benefit of our community now and for future generations. Memberships provide SWF with the resources to facilitate sister city activities.  

Benefits of Membership:

  • Stay informed of SWF activities and sister city educational opportunities
  • Stay involved by volunteering for committees, events and other activities
  • Experience Sister City travel and hosting opportunities
  • Enjoy our annual Friendship Dinner and welcome receptions for sister city visitors
  • Organization/ Business members receive publicity in SWF literature and at events
  • Honorary members are recognized at events
  • Members have voting privileges for election of officers, and bylaw changes
  • Membership dues are tax deductible.

Membership Categories

  • Individual: open to anyone who wishes to support our programs.
  • Family: Join as a family for the year.
  • Lifetime: pay once and become a member for a lifetime.
  • Organization/Business: open to any organization or business that endorses our mission. An organization may designate one official representative to attend meetings and functions of SWF, who shall have all rights and privileges of an individual member, and who shall be registered annually with the membership chairperson.
  • Honorary: SWF Board of Directors occasionally awards members of the community who have performed outstanding service to our organization an honorary membership, with a full waiver of dues.
  • Ambassador Scholarship Circle: ASC is a multi-year commitment, which will provide financial certainty for the scholarship program – four years at a minimum contribution level of $250 per year. Our goal is to create three full scholarships (about $3,000 per student to one of our sister cities).

The membership period is based on the calendar year starting in January. Membership dues paid after Oct. 1st are good for the remainder of the current year and the following calendar year. All membership dues are tax deductible.

Sebastopol World Friends Annual Friendship Dinner is held in November.  An annual meeting of members is held on the first Wednesday of December for the purpose of the election of officers and a Board of Directors, and any other business as may come before it. Each individual member has one vote, as does an Organizational/Business membership.  Family memberships have two votes.

Members are welcome to attend Sebastopol World Friends Board meetings held on the first Wednesday of every month at 7 PM at the Sebastopol City Hall.

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Your membership supports SWF for the benefit of our community now and for future generations.

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