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Yesterday, we visited the 3000 years old big camphor tree in Takeo, visited the City Hall and the mayor, went to Saga Yume Town for shopping and lunch, visited Saga Prefecture office to meet Saga International Tourism Bureau Chief, and Saga Castle Museum.

A few thoughts from the students:

Thursday, March 17. Travel day

I felt a little nervous leaving the parking lot. Though as soon as we started driving down the road I became more excited than nervous. We waited for an hour, then we got on the plane. It was a good LONG flight. They had surprisingly good airplane food and the flight went generally well. It was tiring because it was hard to sleep on the first flight. I slept 5 minutes at the most. see arrived early and waited for around 2 hours until our next flight.


Friday, March 18. Arrival day

Today we arrived at the airport in Fukuoka and took the bus to where we would meet our host families. We said hello again then left for their house and ate a quick dinner and took a well needed nap