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【Welcome to TAKEO!米国セバストポール市より34名が来武】






Sebastopol, USA and Takeo, Japan are proud of their sister city relationship of more than 30 years.

A delegation of 18 students, 16 adults including chaperones from Sebastopol, is visiting Takeo.  Today, on March 19, a ceremony to celebrate the anniversary and a party to welcome the delegation were held in Yamauchi.   Many dignitaries from Takeo and Saga joined to celebrate this occasion.  The program included speeches by Takeo World Friends Yukio Owatari and participants in the very first student exchange groups from 23 years ago from each city.  Takeo Mayor Tadashi Komatsu presented certificates of recognition to both World Friends organizations.

All the delegates are home-staying in Takeo for approximately 10 days to do sightseeing and enjoying cultural exchange.

Their lasting relationship has impacted and will continue impacting many generations!  We hope everybody will enjoy their visit.